What is a Data Breach?

A data break is when a computer system receives information from the system without the permission of the owner. User does not know anything here until the system owner says something like this has happened.

Sometimes the system owner is the same as the user. That means your personal computer will be hacked and you will be the system owner as well as the account owner. But if the banking system is hacked then the bank is the system owner and you are the only account owner there.

A Data Breach is simply access to information without authorization. The type of information to get depends on the data Breach target. But attacks target personal health information, names, passwords, addresses, financial information, banking and credit card information.

Although personal information is often targeted, trade secrets, intellectual property and government secrets are also targeted because they have more value. Data breaches that involve information like this are not seen in many headlines.

There are also several types of data breach Cyber ​​attack – access to protected information for malware, phishing, social engineering and other techniques. Theft or loss of the relevant device – laptops, smartphones, thumb drives or other valuable information storage device and improper disposal of protected information can fall into the wrong hands. Data leak – By accessing and releasing protected information without authorizing an employee. Human Errors – Data breach can also be caused by people mistakenly uploading or sharing protected information in public.

For these reasons, data breaches are divided into intentional and unintentional, that is, intentional or unintentional.

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