Remove the Background in Your Image within 30 Seconds

Hey Friends Finally, I’ve found it. Name of the App is Slezzer . An app which removes BG’s , quickly and efficiently. No quality loss(Get High Quality 4k cut-outs) , controls are simple and powerful, and the UI layout is perfect.

To other Devs, THIS is how it’s done, take notes. The extra step for adding a slight blur to the edges to remove slight imperfections is something I didn’t know I needed.There are so many interesting activities than just wasting time in removing backgrounds manually. Now it’s very easy to removing backgrounds from images.

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Easy Way to Cut ou in Slizzer:

  • Use your finger & touch on image to remove portion of image.
  • Crop image and saved it.
  • Adjust brush size to erase image more efficiently.
  • Select scale/zoom option to scale image.
  • Use flip option to flip image horizontally.

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Millions of photographers and ecommerce businesses and designers, around the world join with slazzer.


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