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How much do you care about your privacy? Let’s start like this. Suppose you received a letter in the mail. When you receive the letter, you see that someone has broken the letter and read it. Obviously you know that someone broke the letter and read it to you earlier. What do you think then? Feeling happy?

“Someone else broke the letter to me and read it to me, Shoi.”

Do you think Regardless of the content of the letter, is it gratifying to know that someone has read it? Well, let’s just say it’s an unimportant letter that someone else reads. But what if the next letter you receive is too secretive? What if the letter is a credit card PIN? What happened once can’t happen again, right?

If that happens, you may be tempted to complain to the post office. Aren’t you very sensitive about things like that in this physical world? But when it comes to the digital world? What if someone read your email secretly to you …? Like in the physical world, you can’t find a place to break an e-mail, can you?

But here you know, if you use an email account like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, your e-mail, you may have read a lot before you read. You don’t believe me when I say that, do you? Well then check out the YouTube channel I give you at the end of this post. Or do some research yourself.

Well, what do you mean by this? Of course your email accounts are under the scrutiny of others. The relevant email service providers themselves will read your emails on a variety of topics. One of the most important of these is the collection of data needed to display advertisements. Even if you don’t think so, the data in your emails is of great value.

For example, suppose you chat with your friend about a new camera and have an email conversation, and the next day you see ads about the camera. This spying is just as effective. Travelers avoid talking about the privacy of the Internet. It is a story told by some,

“I have nothing to hide in my account, just read it if you want.”

So I will give you a challenge, go to my Author page now, there are my Contact details, send me the passwords of all your accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in a plain text file. You have nothing to hide, do you? Will you accept the challenge? No, right?

Years ago, people discovered crude oil, used it to refine diesel and petrol, and used it to drive vehicles. The train ran on coal. But today people have realized how much environmental damage is caused by the smoke emitted from those vehicles. At that time it did not matter to anyone. But now? Now people are trying to build as many eco-friendly vehicles as possible.

Here is the internet personalities as well. You still don’t have a great understanding of this. In the future, when all your money is transacted over the Internet, and all communication is done over the Internet, you will realize the value of this Internet privacy. Then you will be too late.

We were talking about email. And then the Facebook we can’t live without? What do you know about that? You may have just heard that Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, was recently accused. The allegations were related to the misuse of data by Facebook users. Facebook is the most used social network in the world. Can you imagine the value of a collection of data on the tastes of these billions of people?

Do you understand how much you can get from the posts and pages you like? Unbeknownst to you, there is a profile about you on Facebook. It’s not your Facebook profile, it’s a hidden one. Shadow profiles are for that. The data in those profiles is used to show you the ads that are displayed on Facebook.

Furthermore, the data obtained from you is used to gain an understanding of people’s tastes, not just as individuals, but also across countries, provinces, provinces, and even districts. Did you know that various fraudulent organizations that know the value of such data buy this data from Mark Zuckerberg for large sums of money? Hearing this,

“Oh yes, so our data is being sold, we don’t care, Moko.”

It is the responsibility of all of us as intelligent people to find out about this and to inform those who do not know. Everyone will realize later that there will be great destruction if you do not care

What do we usually do when we access the Internet through a computer? First I open Facebook and look at the notifications. Then we keep that tab open and take new tabs and go to the sites we want. You know, I see all the sites you visit on Facebook. The Facebook thief in the tab you originally opened even collects a list of sites you visit. Facebook is someone who spies on you like that.

Not only that, the Facebook app you have installed on your phone even takes a list of the apps you have installed on your phone. This Facebook app has the ability to secretly take your photos, even the things you talk about. Is that all? No. The Facebook app has the ability to secretly read your whereabouts, phone numbers you save on your phone, events and reminders you have on your calendar.

This is about Facebook. Did you know that Instagram also belongs to the Facebook company? It also does some spying on Facebook. Then who owns the WhatsApp you can’t live without? To Mark Zuckerberg! To Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook. Do you think Mark’s got the biggest phone book in the world? WhatsApp is a huge phone directory. You say, WhatsApp is not a problem, it has end to end encryption, we are not afraid, no one can read our message content. But is that true?

We think, OK. WhatsApp has end to end encryption so no one can see the content of our messages. But can you prevent WhatsApp from letting you know that you’ve been texting someone? Is that all? That you have been texting with that person for so long, that you have sent so many messages, how many tex messages you have sent from there, how many messages you have sent to the media? How long have you been online? All the said data is owned by WhatsApp. This is just a little bit.

We call this data Meta Data. The value of this metadata is also quite high. Do not forget that even with this data you can get a great idea of ​​what you are doing and what you are doing and your daily routine. For example, since you are mostly online at night and on weekends, it is easy for someone to conclude that you work for a company or That someone who is being educated. This is a very simple example, not like this, you can gather a lot of information about yourself in a very complex way by using things like online stay times, amounts of messaging, people who massage. Have you thought about that before?

Everyone in this world has the right to life, to protect their privacy. Isn’t what is really happening here a violation of that right? Think about it. You live in a world where your rights are being violated without even knowing it. Be aware of the hidden danger. If anyone wants a complete list of your personal details, you do not need to get it. There are companies in this world that know everything about you.

Here is the story. I wanted to show you a little shadow about the hidden dangers of using the internet. Those who have risen to the top of the IT industry and have an understanding of the Internet probably know that the situation is much worse. You have to write five or six books to tell about other privacy violations or privacy damages on the internet. That much information and data can give you. If there is anyone who has read this and opened their eyes, it is his English If the knowledge is good, I invite him to watch this Youtube channel here. Watch the oldest video on that channel from the latest one. See how I can prove with evidence what I read today.

The Hated One – YouTube Channel

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