Keylogger Trojan

Keylogger Trojan virus is a program to log keystrokes. The dangerous thing about this is that we log in with passwords and usernames that we enter.

A Trojan keylogger is installed with a regular program without the user knowing. These Trojan keyloggers are also known as keystroke malware, keylogger viruses and Trojan horse keyloggers.

Some businesses use this type of program to track the computer usage of employees who log keystrokes and monitor internet activity. These are technically keyloggers but not malicious.

What does this Keylogger Trojan do?

A keylogger monitors and logs every keystroke it can identify. Then store locally to share to hacker physically or online. Keylogger can record anything there and monitor it as it is programmed. There are some keystroke malwares that wait for a specific activity to start recording. For example, the program is waiting for us to open a web browser and start accessing a bank website.

A Trojan keylogger often comes to our computer with anti-virus software outdated, turned off or not at all. Nothing for them. A keylogger enters the computer as an executable file, like an .exe file. That is how we can launch any program in our computer.

Here’s how to remove a Trojan keylogger

Many existing anti-virus programs can protect our computer from malware, including keylogger trojans. If you have an updated anti-virus program, there is nothing to be afraid of like Avast or AVG. If you think you currently have a keylogger, you may need to manually scan your computer for malware. Using them like malwarebytes. Another option is to use a bootable anti-virus program.

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