Common Myths about charging mobile phones

Most people in these days and age have a smartphone. Because we use mobile phone in every time and every where. Therefore people always focus on battery life of the Mobile phone. The problem with smartphones is that, because we use them so much, they usually run out of battery fairly rapidly. This means we all carry around extra chargers to bring to work, plug into our cars, and so on and so forth.There are so many myths on charging mobile phones. Sometimes people afraid on those facts.

01.Fast charging can damage your phone

People think fast charging can damage  battery overtime and  phone components. It’s not correct. A fast charger can be damaged to the phone’s battery only if there is some technical fault on the hardware or if there is uncontrolled software matter.

02.Don’t charge your phone overnight

It’s another myth we have heard before. But it’s okay to leave your phone plugged in overnight.The technology goes on smartphone batteries has advanced to the point where it knows exactly when to stop feeding a charge into your device. So there is no risk of you “overcharging” your phone and causing damage to the battery, as there are safeguards in place to prevent that from happening.

03. Don’t use your mobile phone while it plugged in

People say it’s unsafe to use your mobile phone while it plugged in . But if you are using the charger that came with your phone, or  made by the same company, it is perfectly fine to use your phone while it is charging. While it is safe to use your smartphone whilst charging it with its proper charger, it is not recommended to do so when using a third party charger. Because third party chargers are cheap and unsafe , it can damage your phone. 

04.Let Your Phone Go To 0% Before it plugged in

There is a myth to wait  until battery comes to 0% before it plugged in. It’s not the correct method. you should charge your phone intermittently throughout the day instead of waiting to perform a “deep charge” from 0 to 100 percent.

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