Clear the web history from the browser but clear it from the internet?

You have seen so many memes that if I die, delete my history. No matter how well you use the internet, you can find strange things in your history that make anyone look weird about you. That’s why you don’t want anyone else to see your web history. But have you ever wondered if your web history is really deleted when you delete it from your browser?

From the late nineties to the present day, the Internet has become a part of everyday human life. In 2000, about 7% of the world’s population used the Internet, but today 55% of the world’s population, or more than half, use the Internet daily.

At present, the use of the Internet is becoming more of a human right than a convenience. Because the Internet is so connected to our lives that it has become impossible to live a normal life on earth without the Internet.

So, with the advent of the Internet around the world, it’s becoming more and more of a business venture. In search engines like Google, and servers on social media platforms like Facebook, there are more details about you than you think at the moment you look at this.

This information or data includes your cyber routine, your family details, your phone number, your email, your location, your phone type, the software you use, and all the data you would like to share with the Internet, knowingly or unknowingly. . What do they do with this data?

In fact, there are people who are very important about the above data. Starting from advertising marketing companies, this data is quite valuable for some government agencies as well as hackers. That is why data is likely to be used as the world’s most valuable currency in the near future.

Have you ever read the agreement that comes when creating a google account? Are you crazy? Did you just put I Agree and continue? Although we do it easily, the agreement says that they will collect our data and that our data will be circulated on the Internet.

So if you add any data to the internet, it is added. You can never delete that data again. Even if you delete your data from your account or web page, the data will never actually be deleted and once you delete that data, you will never be able to retrieve that data again (unless the server is with you).

For example, you can delete your Facebook account and make a request to Facebook. You can remove a YouTube video and report it. Whatever it is, your data is still on their servers. Also, your data will be sold by the company in a way that you think is good.

Now one could argue that what they are doing is illegal. not. They pass a bill in Congress to allow American companies to collect and sell their users’ data in this way. So this is not illegal for American companies. But for many European companies, this is an illegal act.

These data exchanges are not the only ones that benefit from this. Even the American National Security Agency collects our data (most of them are from our country, not ours) and monitors what he is doing on this site, what he is looking for, and so on. So if something like this happens to them, they will catch it.

So in this way we have no way to protect our data except by not using the internet. But we can’t stop using the internet. So we have to share our data even if we don’t want to. Here you have to think twice about what data you are sharing. If you go this way, one day you will have an internet full of fake accounts.

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