Block Unneccesary Notification through this app – All Notification Blocker

This is a Cool app. Now I can handle all the notifications at one place. Just wondering I have a Google play services notification on my phone since an year and it never goes off.


This very helpful app. I control my every notification easily with create my own profile setting this is amazing feature in this application and get quickly block notification it’s awesome. Easy to use especially for those who not know to much about how to mute many apps from their phones.


Features All Notification Blocker:

  • Multiple schedule per app
  • Block all incoming calls as per your schedule
  • Block all incoming calls as per your multiple schedules
  • One click to clear all notifications

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  • Exception for specific app
  • Open all blocked notifications from this app, There is option to open in app from which notification received.
  • One click to rest all blocking rules


Hoping to have an app which I can set recurring blocked times e.g. Block WhatsApp notification from certain people at specific times at night. This app is useful and easy to use but not what I’m looking.

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