5G technology- it is going to be changed the whole world

After the 4G technology has spread all over the world, people were looking forward for a new change. The term 5G has been creating a new buzz among people. The advent of 5G is one of the most enigmatic new upcoming technologies that could impact businesses in 2020. 5G technology is very different. Previous systems had evolved driven more by what could be done with the latest technology. The new 5G technology has been driven by specific uses ad applications. 5G is able to provide much greater flexibility and therefore it is able to support a much wider range of applications, from low data rate Internet of Things requirements through to very fast data rate and very low latency applications.

When 5G was being first postulated a number of use cases were put forwards: very high speed data transfer as video downloads become larger and more commonplace; remote control with low latency – examples of autonomous vehicles communicating with rad infrastructure to provide safe transport as well as the example of experienced surgeons being able to perform delicate surgery remotely using a 5G link both of these examples require very low latency mobile communications; more capability for general data communications; ability to accommodate the very low data rate and occasional communications for the Internet of Things, IoT where very long battery life is needed.

The most striking feat of 5G will be its speed which is expected to clock at 20GB/s. For an example, suppose you download the contents of an 5GB DVD at an average of 50MB/s. It will take roughly about 13 minutes. Now the same will take barely 2 seconds to download on 5G at top speed.

However, to take this speed to everyday mobile users, mobile  network carriers will need to increase bandwidth and reduce network costs.

5G mobile communications technology is rapidly developing and it is becoming the technology that everyone is moving towards. Not only will it be able to accommodate the super fast speeds required of it, but it will also be possible to accommodate the low data rate requirements for IoT and IIoT applications. As such 5G mobile communications will be able to encompass a huge number of different applications, and accommodate many different data types.

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