Avoid using pirated apps, a new ransomware called EvilQuest for MacOS

We all know what ransomware is. One of the worst malware currently available is a ransomware from cryptovirology. Researchers at K7 Computing, a global cybersecurity firm, have identified a new ransomware targeting Apple macOS users through pirated apps called ‘EvilQuest’.

This is the second ransomware identified by K7 since the fileless trojan was detected last December. Usually a ransomware encrypts the user’s files and requests a ransom to decrypt those files. Most people ask for it through Bitcoin.

But this ‘EvilQuest’ ransomware goes a step further and installs a keylogger and records the user’s keystrokes. A keylogger is a reverse shell that allows an attacker to run custom commands. This ransomware also steals common use files in crypto-currency wallets. K7 has even issued a statement in this regard.

They say to decrypt the files encrypted by EvilQuest c. $ 50 is demanded through Bitcoin. But the ability to retain users’ credentials and files is retained through the malware they install.

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