04 Scientific Astonishing Advancements in 2020

Technology is everything. It needs every action you make, every need you have,  every decision you make.  It can make the world a better place. Most of the world’s top technology companies are competing with each other to bring better versions of existing products as well. Here are some of the best technological advancements of 2020 for a smart life.

BrainCo prosthetic hand

Extending the concept of artificial hand that can perform basic actions, BrainCo has introduced its latest invention for those who need a hand. All the functioning is expected to be conducted with the amputee’s brain waves. AI in this device can work under your command. Most importantly, the motion of your AI hand can be customized. So, that will help you to adjust the body balance, speed, tolerance like functions as well. 

Pampers Lumi

If you are a parent, this will be it. Pampers Lumi is equipped with the latest technology to take care of your baby. It is one of the latest baby monitoring systems that come with a camera and a sensor. It can be attached to your baby’s diaper so you can see how your baby is sleeping. It comes with an app for a better experience. 


How often do you brush? That’s a thing that cannot be reduced. How long do you brush? Well, that’s a thing that the latest technology has been able to reduce. However, it’s not a brush as it sounds. This device will help you to reduce the brushing time from 2 minutes to just 10 seconds. Although you need an early motivation from your toothbrush, this device will let you have the same. Shipping will start in March.

 LG ThinQ Washer with AI

LG is a world-famous brand for introducing AI to their products. Their latest product, LG ThinQ Washer with AI is boosted with Ai technology which leaves you to have a better experience. It is said that their latest product is capable of detecting different types of fabrics in your load of clothes. Then the washer will find the optimum cycles for your clothes. Finally, it will dry your clothes in the best way. All these functioning will be conducted by AI.

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